There can be no keener revelation of a society's soul than the way in which it treats its children.
-Nelson Mandela
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The Healing Garden
Construction will begin on our Healing Garden in May.  We are honored to provide a place where children and youth, will find solace, serenity, and reprieve.    Your very own brick will be displayed for future generations to appreciate.   
In addition, we would be honored for you to join us this fall, for our Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and outdoor dinner to personally thank you and show you what your support and donations have made possible.  We will tour the inside of the buiding and guests will be invited to see the progress of our multi-phase development plan and the future site of Shade Tree Academy, a specialized school for children who have experienced emotional and physical trauma.
The Community Garden & Equine Center
Thanks to the support of our community we will soon begin construction on our Community Garden. Studies show gardening raises seratonin levels, reducing depression and anxiety. Through the much requested after-school gardening program, kids will have the space to be kids again, playing in the dirt and connecting to nature. 
We are working tirelessly to bring equine therapy to our youth as it has become an increasingly effective method of helping children with emotional and behavioral difficulties to overcome some of their past traumas.  In addition, it contributes positively to their cognitive, physical, emotional and social well-being.
A garden,
where one can witness
 the magic and potential in life, 
for out of the darkness
 rises beauty.
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Our Programs & Services
Where We Are & Where We're Heading!
It was a challenging year like we never expected but through it all Jacob's Mission Center has remained open to serve our most vulnerable. Our foster and adoptive families have felt the strain of COVID-19 for a full year now and with the DCS's payment system changing, many have had additional financial burdens.  Unfoturnately, due to the pandemic we were forced to cancel our fall fundraiser which has been essential to our success.  For this reason our spring fundraising efforts are even more critical, ensuring that we can continue to serve our ever-growing community.
Thankfully, through our many successful and safe holiday events, parent night-outs and life skills classes, Jacob's Mission Center has been enjoyed by thousands of children, as well as youth who have recently aged-out of the foster system. Thanks to our passionate volunteers we have not only been able to continue serving our community by meeting many of their basic needs, but the generosity of others has also allowed us to complete the following: 
  • Poured sidewalks
  • Painted the playground,
  • Added pea gravel,
  • Poured a basketball sports court,
  • Laid sod
  • Planted trees and shrubs
There is lots of work to be done, we are working to raise the funds to pay skilled trades men in order to properly complete the work on our gardens as well as well as begin our Equine Center.  In addition, the funds raised will enable us to continue serving our communities basic needs.
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